WHITEPAPER: Strategizing, Roadmapping and Executing the Product Line

Whitepaper-Strategizing-RoadmappingThis whitepaper provides an in-depth exploration of product line strategy and roadmapping. The reader will understand the value of product line strategies, their relationship to product line roadmaps, and techniques for successful planning, execution and communication.

Topics covered include:

      • The Four Levers of Advantage
      • Components of Organizational Focus for Leveraging Strategic Advantage
      • Executing Strategy
      • Deep Dive into Platforms: Types, Competencies, Insights
      • Choosing Outcomes
      • Types of Strategy: Corporate, Business and Product Line
      • The Strategy Gap
      • Strategizing the Advantage
      • Product Line Roadmaps
      • MATI and Roadmapping
      • Roadmaps and Product Line Strategies
      • Road Mapping as a Strategy
      • Communicating Roadmaps

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