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NPD Portfolio Management and the Tilting Effect

Here’s a simple yet crucial insight about NPD Portfolio Management. And it points to a big problem every company must address. Portfolio Management that oversees only projects in development reinforces a common misstep. For many companies, portfolio management begins and ends with projects underway within their development practices. What happens before and after isn’t important. […]


Portfolio Management

The management of a full set of new-product development projects into which resources are invested. Key aspects of portfolio management include mix management to ensure alignment with a defined strategy, and pipeline management to allocate appropriate human, physical assets, and financial resources.


Product Line Strategizing and Roadmap Management

The complete planning of specific product line platform-levers at a strategic and a tactical level, that is, during project planning. Key to this planning is linking value-adding technology building blocks to the platform-lever, as well as to the critical drivers in the marketplace.


Roadmap Management

The oversight and ongoing synchronization of master roadmaps and subordinate roadmaps across product line and in concert with project management and portfolio management.


Good Portfolio Management Includes Front-end Work

If you’re interested in NPD and R&D portfolio management, here is an important insight: Most Portfolio Management presentations discuss only development projects. They do not show, analyze, or rationalize front-end work. Anyone new to product development might assume Portfolio Management should only be about products under development. But if that’s all, then portfolio management misses its greatest opportunity for […]


Product Portfolio Management – Picking Flowers in the Dark

Project prioritization is difficult. As a result, senior managers who govern portfolios often make things up as they go. Why not? Somebody must figure what’s more important and what’s not. It might as well be whoever is looking at the bubble charts. There are two big challenges with figuring out project prioritization. First, product lines […]


Good Portfolio Management Needs a Great Front-end

Stage Gate Portfolio Management? If you are interested in NPD and R&D portfolio management, here is an important insight: Most Portfolio Management discussions, presentations, and articles address only the management of those projects that are under development. To state this in terms of process management, the insight is that portfolio management focuses only on those […]


Rethinking The Product Line

How to Improve Your Product Line’s Performance A product line is a collection of related products. But let’s be clear. There’s only one reason to create and organize a set of products into a product line. It’s to boost their performance. Managing products as a line should deliver better results than when you manage the […]


The Optimist and Pessimist COVID Problem

How to Unfreeze a Product Line With Responsive Roadmapping The COVID economy created tough conditions for many product line teams. No one has ever seen uncertainty at levels like we see today. But I’ve dealt with the effects of recessions on product management and innovation. And I am surprised by one striking difference. In today’s […]


Responsive Roadmapping for Product Lines – Online Master Class

Why product lines need to use Responsive Roadmapping to drive superior performance How to create and manage Responsive Product Line Roadmaps Key practices and processes to embed in your organization. This live online master class takes participants far beyond traditional single product and project management oriented roadmapping. Using templates and examples, participants learn how […]