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Technology Building block

A technology that augments or adds value to the platform-lever. Good product line strategies often organize technologies by grouping them. A common grouping is to create sets of technology building blocks that focus on the same verb-base segment or common jobs-to-be-done. Those responsible for the group then seek new technology building blocks to advance their […]


Multi-Generational Product Plan (MGPP) Vs. Product Line Strategy and Roadmap

What’s the difference between a Multi-generational Product Plan and Product Line Strategies and Roadmaps? The answer deserves a short discussion. Stick with me as I explain. The topic offers much insight into great development practices. Multi-Generational Product Planning (MGPP) and Product Line Strategizing and Roadmapping (PLSR) are different. But they’re also closely related. To understand, […]


Glossary of Terms for Product Line Strategy & Roadmaps

Glossary of Terms for Product Line Strategy & Roadmaps Agile Attribute Positioning Balanced Scorecard Business-Growth Portfolio Business Model Business Model Transformation Business Transformation Chain-Link Chain-Link Alignment Chain-Link Strategy Concept Feasibility Concept Generation Critical-to-Success Cultural Inertia Culture Customer-desired Outcome Decision-Making Design Thinking Digitalization Digitization Ecosystem Platform Expected Value Framework Front-end Fulcrum Full Process Architecture Governance Growth […]


Innovation Charter

An innovation charter is a target for innovation, not the innovation itself. Each charter has at least three key elements that guide teams toward forming successful and significant innovations. Good charters will either match a product line strategy or influence a strategy change to match it. Charters can be for new products, platform-levers, technology building […]


Product Line Strategizing and Roadmap Management

The complete planning of specific product line platform-levers at a strategic and a tactical level, that is, during project planning. Key to this planning is linking value-adding technology building blocks to the platform-lever, as well as to the critical drivers in the marketplace.


What is a Product Line Roadmap?

How Product Line Roadmaps Differ From Product Roadmaps And Why You Need Both A product line roadmap is a timeline graphic that communicates how a team intends to carry out a product line strategy. It shows milestones and key relationships between strategy parts. At least one platform-lever[1] is central to most product line strategies. Teams […]