Does Your Portfolio Team Feel Like a Fight Club?

6 Steps to Better Portfolio Management 1. Have a standing cross-organizational portfolio team: A Portfolio Analysis and Recommendation Team (PART) with a structure, process, cadence, measures, metrics, and portfolio goals will create an efficient and credible environment for portfolio issues to be managed. 2. Define product line strategies: With organization and management input, define product line strategies within the portfolios so they are clear to the organization and the team.  Without Read more […] Related posts: Breaking Through the Ceiling of Your NPD Portfolio Capability Maturity Model for Portfolio and Pipeline Management

Help! My NPD Process is Stuck in the 80’s

Your NPD process is stuck in the 80s when… Your organization still calls it ‘stage-gate’. Your portfolio of projects consists of an Excel™ spreadsheet. Projects get into the process and never get killed. Concepts are generated from random brainstorming or are management pet projects. Your product line roadmap is a PowerPoint™ that someone from marketing created. So, why are you stuck? The gated process is considered by many practitioners to be mature in its lifecycle. Read more […] Related posts: Front-to-Back New Product Development Process Design, Deployment and Alignment NPD Process Implementation: Sub-processes and Full Architecture