How to Screw Up a Product Line

by Paul O’Connor When I began my career in product development a few decades ago, I simply didn’t understand how easy it is to screw up a product line. I was envious of those managers overseeing product lines. I thought managing established lines didn’t cause people to lose sleep worrying about how to develop and […]

Product Versus Product Line

Roadmaps & Strategies There’s a major gap between product and product line thinking. By Paul O’Connor Stop for a moment. Do you know the difference between a product and a product line? Of course, you do. A product is a single offering with attributes that deliver benefit, satisfaction, and delight to customers. A product line […]

Eight Vital Facts about Product Line Strategies

By Paul O’Connor Interested in Product Line Strategies or Product Line Roadmaps? Eight Important Facts You Must Know Don’t expect one-off developments to beat competitors’ multi-generational plans. Being good at innovation and project execution won’t matter. Good product line strategies always trounce single-product strategies. Rolling up project plans into a single roadmap does little to […]

Lean Startups and Intrapreneurship Evade Core Challenges

By Paul O’Connor, The Adept Group Pick up any business publication, and you’ll see stories and articles on how organizations must innovate. The message is clear. Your organization’s health, your personal future, and our whole society depend on improving innovation. Good writing with good stories can make compelling arguments to support simple approaches. They stress […]

WHITEPAPER – Good Product Line Strategy Matters

Here is How to Create One WE’VE ALL SEEN FAILURES LIKE THESE—or heard about them: Large corporations with household names like Kodak and Polaroid imploding under the weight of change. They could not reap enough gains from new technologies. Nor could they offset their evaporating markets. What makes these cases so surprising is how each […]

Fighting Evil Complexity Costs

Smart Product Line Strategies & Roadmaps by Paul O’Connor, NPDP Accounting can be as thrilling as getting teeth pulled. Cost accounting, however, is a skill product developers must get their arms around. This is the black art of calculating how much products cost to develop, make and sell.  I call it a black art not […]

Communicating Product Line Strategies

The Missing Framework and Language by Paul O’Connor Product Managers and product line contributors do not know how to talk to one another about Product Line Strategies. This can be costly. Adept Group research suggests people who contribute to a product line often do not understand and embrace its strategy. These findings fall in line […]

WHITEPAPER: Powerful Product Lines Strategies

A Framework for Deconstructing and Improving Product Lines Strategies by Paul O’Connor   Business strategy is interesting. To many managers, business strategy seems monolithic. In reality, it wraps around many functional strategies. Supply chain management has a strategy. Sales has a strategy. Manufacturing has a strategy. Plus, companies can stress strategies for areas like brand management, […]

WHITEPAPER – The Extraordinary Benefits of Product Line Strategies and Roadmaps

by Paul O’Connor, The Adept Group  Pick up almost any business publication, and you will see stories and articles about how organizations need to innovate and improve their product offerings. The message is clear. Your organization’s health and your personal future depend on improving innovation and product management. Good writing with good stories can make […]

WHITEPAPER – An Introduction to Product Line Strategizing and Roadmapping as a Process

Focusing Product Management and Amplifying Innovation Product Line Strategizing and Roadmapping (PLSR) is a powerful process. It is a highly flexible approach that smart managers use to coordinate and accelerate work that pulls together and creates critical insights related to a line of products. This is simple and straight-forward, yet in practice, it is also […]