Product Line Master Class

The Essence of Great Product Line Strategy – Online Master Class

Why product line strategies are much more powerful than single product strategies

Why and how multi-product and multi-generational planning must combine

Key factors to drive superior product line performance.

Registration and Fee

This live online master class takes participants far beyond traditional product management thinking. The class teaches what it takes to boost entire lines. And participants learn how to do this purposely to drive customer satisfaction, improve free cash flow, and beat competition.

The master class is for medium and large companies, and applies to hi-tech and low-tech, B2B and B2C, and products, systems and services.

Join us for this 2-hour learning event. Each participant receives pre-meeting materials and post-class follow up. Classes are kept small and personal to encourage questions and dialogue.  We limit Master Classes to 12 registrants.

Please choose from one of several upcoming dates and times:

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