WHITEPAPER – The Extraordinary Benefits of Product Line Strategies and Roadmaps

by Paul O’Connor, The Adept Group  benefitwp-thumbsmall

Pick up almost any business publication, and you will see stories and articles about how organizations need to innovate and improve their product offerings. The message is clear. Your organization’s health and your personal future depend on improving innovation and product management.

Good writing with good stories can make a compelling argument in support of some simple approaches. They emphasize helping and encouraging individuals to think and act “outside the box” of their knowledge and organization’s culture. Plus, the approaches always appear direct and practical.

Unfortunately, in medium and large organizations, the truth about creating and managing innovations alongside existing products is almost always different from what we read. Reality has ugly parts not described in the articles, making work and judgments much more complicated. Using only “outside the box” approaches, does not always…      Please download the whitepaper.

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