WHITEPAPER – Good Product Line Strategy Matters

Here is How to Create One

WE’VE ALL SEEN FAILURES LIKE THESE—or heard about them: Large corporations with household names like Kodak and Polaroid imploding under the weight of change. They could not reap enough gains from new technologies. Nor could they offset their evaporating markets.

What makes these cases so surprising is how each company hired some of the best and brightest people. Management teams knew about emerging technologies and changing market needs. Kodak is even given credit for creating the first digital camera. Yet Kodak, like many others, still floundered.

How could this happen? More importantly, could it happen to your company? I argue it could, no matter how strong the competitive advantage your company has built. Just think about Sony’s decades long losing struggle against Samsung or GE’s faltering power turbine business. It could even happen to today’s younger, very successful companies like Apple, Amazon, or Google.. …more.

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