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Adept helps companies improve their product line’s performance. We are expert in Product Line Strategy tied to Responsive Roadmapping, Innovation Management, and Organizational Change.


Our discipline and skills enable us to teach, coach, and most of all work side-by-side with clients to speed up a product line’s velocity – the time-based measure of increasing free cash flow and customer satisfaction while beating competitors.


Do you need to ramp up gains from an established line or pivot a product line into the future? Call us. We help speed your gains and minimize your costs.


We work with companies across the globe. Each clients seeks to increase their customer’s satisfaction, drive greater positive cash flow, and beat competition. Our approach is to coach and guide teams to deconstruct their product line to maintain or improve a line’s performance.

We work side-by-side with key managers to carry out successful strategy moves and pivots using critical market, technology and innovation tools. And when needed, we help companies orchestrate complete transformation of product lines and supporting roles and responsibilities.

Our clients come from all industries.

  • Manufacturing, Materials & Specialties
  • Hardware, Software & Systems Technologies
  • Life Sciences & Medical Instruments
  • Consumer & Food Products
  • Financial Services & Insurance


Adept delivers fast and notable benefits to clients – first in understanding and insights, and then in actions and results.

  • We work diligently to gain a clear understanding of each client’s business, their markets and customers, and the technologies they employ.
  • We use our strong “Facilitative Consulting” skill to work with, not around you, leaders and contributors.
  • We share specific knowledge of superb product line strategies and the tactics to carry them out.
  • We complement client capacities with our knowledge, tools, and templates. Our goal is to speed benefits and minimize change.
The Foundation: Multi-Product Thinking

Video: See why the difference between single and multi-product thinking is crucial to the performance and productivity of innovation, product development, and product management.


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Good Product Line Strategy Matters. Here’s How to Create One

  • Learn the very essence of a good product line strategy
  • See how product lines need cross-organization roadmaps and strong business strategy linkage.


The Profound Impact of Product Line Strategy
Get the Book

Paul O’Connor’s book, “The Profound Impact of Product Line Strategy,” talks straight about how to turn lackluster product lines into great ones and start superb new product line strategies from scratch.


Primer on Product Line Flow & Velocity

Video: Learn the principles of Product Line Flow and Maximizing a Product Line’s Velocity. Learn why a product line’s flow and the flow’s velocity is so important to driving performance gains. And see what it takes to transform a slow turbulent flow into a rapid laminar flow.


Our Clients Include

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