Driving Product and Product Line Performance

Product Line Systems Management

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This 2-day Master Class is an in-depth and interactive learning experience exploring how to create, advance, pivot, or transform a product line… creating and carrying out an intense focus on continuous product line velocity improvement.

What’s Your Product Line’s Archetype?

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Many managers don't recognize that every product line has a root system type that defines how the product line works. We call this the system archetype.
Decision Flow

Noun-Based Vs Verb-Based Market Segments

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In the past, whole industries have been defined using Noun-Based segmentation. When you buy a market research study, it'll break down an industry by Noun-Based segments. But driving greater value from innovation and product development demands we complement the noun approach with verbs.
Where and How to Play

The Where and How to Play Strategy Questions

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The key to business performance is to know where and how you want to play the game of business. Product line strategies and roadmaps are central to the answer. Learn More
Corporate Innovation Podcast

Podcast-Corporate Innovation Productivity

An insightful discussion with Paul O'Connor exploring Corporate Innovation Productivity, the state of the art, our struggles, and where we're headed.
Indivisible Strategy

Indivisible Product Strategy

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Big company leadership teams must figure out how they wish to focus on "where-to-play" and "how-to-play." Strategy Indivisibility, much like a prime number, is the natural level at which further dividing or aggregating a focus and strategy becomes forced and ineffective. Learn why a product line is indivisible and how indivisible strategy unison determines business performance.
Product Line Management

Product Line Managers need Corporate Innovation

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Some strategic moves that advance a product line are pure genius. At least that's the way outsiders see them. For example, take Apple's iMac introduction of the M1 CPU. It's genius at its best, right?
Product Line Flow

Product Line Flow and Maximizing Its Velocity

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A Product Line's Flow and the Velocity of the flow are the most important focus to help improve the performance of product development and product management. Orienting on a product line's flow demands managers to use both systems thinking and strategy coherently. Learn why product line flow and the dynamic of managing product line velocity are so important.
Product Line Velocity

Product Line Velocity: Moving Beyond Time-to-Market

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A focus on Product Line Velocity takes product development and management well beyond the limits of project management fixated on time to market. Learn why this dynamic measure is a crucial component of managing product lines as systems.