Product Line Strategy and Roadmap Management

This Management Summit brings together a select group of executives and top managers from a limited set of companies. The job is to share experiences, challenges, and learnings specific to product line strategizing and roadmapping. Participants focus on the how’s and why’s of these intertwined topics in real organizational and business settings. This is a high-powered, peer-to-peer exchange of insights and knowledge. It is led by Paul O’Connor, Founder of The Adept Group. Paul is a recognized expert in product line strategies and roadmap management.

Most companies carryout work and collect insights to improve their product lines. Yet few would consider their work methods to be best-in-class. And fewer would judge the strategic gains as enough.

Product line strategizing and roadmapping precede idea generation and staged development work. Compared with other practices, product line strategizing and roadmapping is in the early growth stage of its life cycle. Over the next several years, most organizations will transform approaches that drive greater product line gains. This demands much change to product line strategizing and roadmapping.

Here are a few topics teams taking part in the summit should expect to explore.

  • Product line strategy approaches: how to create and improve product lines and their strategies.
  • How to build skill and systems to drive responsive roadmap management.
  • How to plan and carry out multiple generations of platform-lever advancements.
  • How best to divide markets and define product features for smart positioning.
  • How to boost product line strategies through other non-product strategies.

Management Summits are unique and interactive experiences.  Adept tailor each summit to enable non-competitive organizations to learn from one another and from best-in-class practices. Only five companies may join each summit, with each sending up to five participants. To learn more and receive a detailed prospectus, please fill in the form below.

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