Management to Management Summit

Probing Practices and Methods for Improved

Product Line Strategy and Roadmap Management

The Management to Management Summit brings together a select group of executives and top managers from a limited set of companies. The purpose is to share experiences, challenges, and learnings specific to product line strategies and roadmap management. Participants focus on the how’s and why’s of these intertwined topics, exploring real-world challenges and opportunities. This is a high-powered, peer-to-peer exchange of insights and knowledge. It is led by Paul O’Connor, Founder of The Adept Group. Paul is a recognized expert in product line strategies and roadmap management.

While most companies carry out work and collect insights to improve their product lines, few would consider their work methods to be best-in-class. And fewer would judge their gains to be enough.


Creating product line strategies and roadmaps precede idea generation and staged development work. Compared with other practices, product line strategizing and roadmapping receive little attention. This is changing rapidly. Over the next several years, most organizations will transform approaches that drive greater product line gains. Learning and sharing experiences is key to these gains.

Here are a few topics teams should expect to explore when they take part in the Management to Management Summit.

  • Product line strategy approaches: how companies create and improve product lines using strategy.
  • What companies are doing to build skills and systems to support roadmapping.
  • How companies plan carry out multiple generations of platform-lever advancements.
  • What the most pressing issues are for each company, and what they’re doing to address the issues.
  • How do companies link product line strategy to business unit strategy, and what they’re doing to improve the link.

Management to Management Summits are unique and interactive experiences. It’s important for each company to take part alongside the right managers and executives from the other companies. This requires us gain a “commitment to attend” from all managers and executives. Adept does this through one-on-one negotiation with each company. This helps us anchor a date and venue that works best for all companies. We explain such negotiations in the prospectus, and our follow up interviews.

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