Product Line Velocity Assessment

Measuring your product line’s performance

Product Line Velocity is a measure of how quickly, or not, a product line’s performance is improving. Seeing the velocity and its change allows teams to understand their situation and the impact of their actions. And velocity forecasts spell out the expectations of product line moves, pivots, and activities.

Understanding your product line’s velocity matters more today than ever before. Changes in markets, customer behaviors, technologies, competition – and even changes within an organization – affect every product line. Measuring a line’s velocity enables you to see how well a product line engages the change.

Product Line Performance Matters

Adept’s velocity assessment provides your organization with critical information and insights about your product line’s performance. More importantly, we create a structure and workflow for you to continue to measure and improve your line’s velocity after we complete our work.

Adept offers three Velocity Assessment services.

The first service sets a baseline of knowledge and understanding about the velocity of your product line. The second service sets the continuing process to measure and use the velocity metric to improve your product line’s performance. And in the third service, we work with your team to uncover hindrances and drivers affecting the velocity and determine the best course forward.

All three services leverage Adept’ skills and experience in teaching, coaching, and doing.

1. Qualitative Assessment

The first service is a qualitative evaluation designed to share knowledge. It sets the stage for a product line team to track and improve a Product Line’s velocity and performance. Your gain and benefit of the service include:

  • Shared knowledge on Product Line Velocity specific to your Product Line and Organization
  • Tying your velocity knowledge to your need for improved Product Line Performance in the face of market, technology, and organizational change.
  • Understanding the scope of work needed to set up Product Line Velocity Measures and enable responsive product line moves, recasts, and pivots.

2. Quantitative Assessment

The second service is an empirical evaluation designed to report specific measures and enable a product line team to build a Performance Dashboard. We know that not all numerical values are available when this service starts. We address this by using our experience-based method to jump-start the process and create a clear, step-by-step path to set up high-quality (accuracy, age, and meaning) data.

3. Drivers, Hindrances, and the Path Forward

The third service is to work with your product line team to analyze the why’s and how’s of the velocity of the product line system flow. We do this by sharing an understanding of the flow of product line system parts and forces. And we work with your team to deconstruct your product line as a system. This work reveals the product line’s constraints or bottlenecks and the effect on the flow by both driving and hindering forces. The work then focuses on ramping up new and existing drivers, and mitigating hindrances and constraints.

Assessment Timing & Cost

Adept tailors each service to the organization, the product line, and the dynamics in which you operate. And we wish to create the best quote that details timing, cost, and value of the service. To do so, Adept must first learn about your product line, markets and technologies, and your organization. We do this through interviews and discussions, coupled with studying product line information. Adept encourages this preliminary work to be done under a non-disclosure agreement.

To learn more about our Product Velocity Assessment services, please inquire below.