Single and Multi-Product


This table presents differences between a Single-Product and a Multi-Product orientation to product creation, development, and management.

Single vs. Multi-Product Comparison

OrientationA focus on one product or one concept at a timeA focus on sets of products, most often a product line
Future ViewSeeking the next great product… relying on creative discovery, intrapreneurs and lean startupsA focus on advancing the full Product Line as a System (PLaaS).
PortfolioPortfolio Management covers development projects only; seeks resource use optimizationPortfolio Management at the product line level includes front-end projects and other product line system projects; seeking greater Product Line Velocity
Development FocusFast development of MVP (minimum viable product),Focused on the maximally synergistic platform-levers and multi-generation strategy moves

ConceptsFront end concept generation defines one potential product at a time, loose targetingFront end driven by coherent Jobs-to-be-Done market segmentation; purposeful concept targeting
ScreeningRelies on screening good product development projects from poor projectsEmphasizes creatively and strategically generating targets for innovation and then rationalizing and shaping to drive the product line.
SpeedFocus on a single product’s “Time to Market”Focus on Product Line Velocity - Continually seeking improvement
Multi-Generational PlanningFor individual productsMGPP for both products and platforms.


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