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A common factor that cuts across multiple products in the product line. It enables leverage in the creation, production, use and/or sale of related product offerings. There are several types of platform-levers used in product line strategies. They may be used by themselves (singly) or in combination with other platform-levers.


Platform-Lever Life cycle

Just like products, platform-levers progress through four life cycle stages: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. Platform-lever actions and strategies will be different for these four different life cycle stages.


Platform-levers in Product Line Strategy

Platform-levers Amp Up Product Lines If you want to sound savvy in a business conversation, add the word “Platform” behind another term. Say “The blank platform.” You fill in the blank. Pick almost any term.  It’s easy, and it’ll sound impressive. That’s because the word “platform” suggests a powerful force. Unfortunately, not all that fills […]


7 Common Mistakes About Platform-Levers

What’s not a Product-lever in Product Line Strategy When teaching product line strategy, I hear managers argue about what is and isn’t a platform-lever. To aid the discussion I offer two quick tests.  The first test is whether the factor in question can cut across cross multiple products. The second test is whether the factor […]


Get A Grip! Why You Need Responsive Roadmapping

Figuring out product line responses to the Covid economy is like wrestling a jellyfish. As soon as you think you have the gelatin mass in a hold, it suddenly pops loose. You try again, and you get stung. Our Product Line Problem We have a big problem that goes to the root of how we […]


We’re Not Bouncing Back

Mid-size and Large Companies Must Quickly Pivot Product Lines and Build Responsive Roadmaps. V, U, and L are shapes that represent paths the US economy may take in our recovery from the current Covid pandemic. There’s no question about the direction of the left side of each letter. It’s been straight down and we’re waiting […]