The Misdirected Guidance of ‚ÄúPortfolio Balance‚ÄĚ

I have a simple message for everyone involved in product development. This message is especially important for PMOs. These are the manager‚Äôs responsible for analyzing project portfolios. They calculate resources and priorities to determine who should work on which projects. ‚ÄúPortfolio Balance‚ÄĚ is misguided. The problem is no one knows what the ‚Äúbalance‚ÄĚ should be. […]

Fighting Evil Complexity Costs

Smart Product Line Strategies & Roadmaps Accounting can be as thrilling as getting teeth pulled. Cost accounting, however, is a skill product developers must get their arms around. This is the black art of calculating how much products cost to develop, make and sell. I call it a black art not because of the easily […]