NPD Portfolio Management – Picking Flowers in the Dark

Product Development Portfolio Management: Picking Flowers in the Dark by Paul O’Connor Project prioritization is the most difficult part of product  development portfolio management. This is because portfolio managers and senior  managers govern the portfolio tend to make things up as they go along. Why not?  Somebody has got to figure out what’s higher in priority […]

Multi-Generational Product Plans Vs. Product Line Strategies and Roadmaps

by Paul O’Connor  I am often asked, “What is the difference between Multi-generational Product Planning (MGPP) and Product Line Strategizing and Roadmapping (PLSR)?” The answer requires a short discussion. To those involved in product development or product management, exploring the difference and commonalities can be very insightful. There are several differences between Multi-Generational Product Plans […]

Reversing the Decline of Product Innovation

It’s over. We are now breaking out of the shackles of ‘do more with less’ and embracing the renewal of ‘doing much, much more, with more.’ I am a product guy. So quite naturally I put my “product glasses” on when observing and thinking about the world of innovation. But I recognize that the commercial […]

The Mindshare Battle in Product Development and Innovation Management

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Instagram, Conferences, Webinars, Podcasts, Slideshare, Youtube, Newsletters, eMails, Books, Videos, and Articles. These are delivery vehicles for content marketing that each of us connects to in some way, every day. It is hard to avoid it. In the field of new product development and innovation management, there is a tsunami of […]

Response to LinkedIn Post in PDMA Group Feb2016

Thank you for your comments, Lawrence.  It is always great to have a chance to discuss these topics with people who are interested. Your critique is important.  My response, however, requires more than just a few words. The argument I put forward in the article is that when organizations seek to advance their competitive positions […]

An Introduction to Product Line Strategizing and Roadmapping

Focusing and Amplifying Innovation, Beating Competition and Winning Customers This whitepaper shares an overview of product line strategizing and roadmapping as an organizational capability.  It sets the stage for ensuing articles on what makes for brilliant product line strategies and stellar execution roadmaps. by Paul O’Connor       Related posts: WHITEPAPER: Intro to Product […]

Maturing NPD Practices Beget New Processes

The Journey from Stage Gate to Portfolio Management to Product Line Roadmapping January 2016       By Paul O’Connor As the field of new product development (NPD) progresses and matures, many new processes and practices have been introduced. Some grow, mature and level off – or even decline – but their impact leads to the recognition […]

The Profound Impact of Product Line Roadmapping

It is time to claim Product Line Roadmapping’s role as a critical link in your organization’s business strategy. Almost every product manager, technology manager, marketing manager, supply chain manager, operations manager and strategic planner knows about roadmapping. Few, however, have had the organizational support to conduct it superbly and specific to a product line. This […]

I Had a Portfolio Management Epiphany

The Smart Perspective to Reap Meaningful Gains from NPD Portfolio Management Years ago, a thought struck me about how I was wrong regarding a very critical aspect of new product development (NPD) portfolio management. I had always been a strong proponent of managing the portfolio so as to attain a proper balance or mix of […]

The Six Foremost Pitfalls of Product Development Portfolio Management

Managers need to be aware of several serious pitfalls of product development portfolio management. Moreover, organizations need to take steps to overcome these pitfalls in order to gain the true benefits of product development portfolio management. The difficulties of portfolio management are more encompassing than most managers think and in need of a much broader […]