post-COVID growth

But it’s not just ‘more of before.’ This growth cycle won’t be a pick up from where we were before our COVID experience. We’re all dealing with major changes and disruptions. Nonetheless, growth is imminent. Get ready!

Consumer demand is pent up, and the money supply is pumped up. And that’s for every major country around the world.  The only way things can go is up.  Growth will happen.

Post-COVID Growth

And the growth will be bloody strong for many companies. Your job, should you take it, is to make sure your company gets or stays on that growth list.  And your future and fortune depend on it.

The trajectory won’t be smooth. There’s going to be many bumps for months to come. But the direction is up.

I’m not talking about stocks and shareholder value. That’s intact and will tag along. I’m talking about top line revenue and free cash flow. And it will be based on what your company does to better match your products and services to the new, post-COVID world.

The game isn’t geared toward your old offerings and your old customers. In the last several months, that game was about survival. Now, and I mean right now, you need to step up and revamp your offerings. You must target both old and new customers’ post-COVID needs.  And if you don’t know what those needs might be, you do know that your company must immediately create the ability and capacity to figure them out.

Big Changes Ahead

I predict a major shift in product offerings and developments for many companies.  And when customers expect such changes and your competitors respond to those expectations, you have no choice. You must follow. But here’s the thing. You’d be better-off leading the change, not following it.

The big question is how to get in front of the change. It’s how to avoid a tsunami of change from wiping you out.  And the big answer is “it depends.”  It depends on what you’re doing now and what results you’re getting.

And here’s the problem. Views split between those in the middle of a hierarchy and those at the top. In the middle, where real work gets done, you’ll find many people don’t want to comment because they’re too busy. And at the top, you’ll hear top managers say we only need to get those in the middle to do more of what I’ve told them to do… and do it faster.

You Must Change to Ride The Change

But let’s face it. Doing more of the same won’t help your company match new offerings to the post-COVID world.  Something must change. And that change needs to result in notable shifts in your product lines. It’s what I refer to as Strategy Moves and Pivots.

If you wish to ride the new growth cycle, you need to get skilled up in product line strategy moves and pivots.  And yes, companies can build this skill and ability.

Here are several sources to aid you in your post-COVID journey.

Products vs. Product Lines

Product Line Strategy

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