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Responsive Roadmapping

Responsive Roadmapping is an ongoing and continuous approach to modify and carry out product line strategies.  It covers the creation, development and in-market management of related products and services. Responsive Roadmapping is based on upon a systems construct to product line strategy. See More on Responsive Roadmapping HERE. 


Verb-based Segment

Verb–Based market segments are clusters of customers who want to hire products to produce common outcomes. And by knowing Verb–Based segments, developers also know, by default, the attributes they need to embed into new products to deliver those outcomes.


Decision-Flow Issues ― Ten of Many

How the Decision-Flow Impacts Product Development and Product Line Performance This list relates the blog Decision Flows and Product Line Strategies. Here are ten issues that arise from a poor or disjointed decision flow. Please read and comment on each. Or please add to the list. Projects are swirling in development because too much risk (technology or market) […]


Product Line Strategy-Essence and Innovation 4.0

This blog supports the blog: Innovation 4.0 and Product Line Pivots The core of a product line strategy has three critical parts. When coupled and as a whole, these parts are called the Strategy-Essence. Attribute-Positioning Platform-Leverage Chain-Link (Organizational) Alignment and Synergy Each part adds to a product line strategy’s effectiveness. But great strategies also gain […]


Multi-Generational Product Plan (MGPP) Vs. Product Line Strategy and Roadmap

What’s the difference between a Multi-generational Product Plan and Product Line Strategies and Roadmaps? The answer deserves a short discussion. Stick with me as I explain. The topic offers much insight into great development practices. Multi-Generational Product Planning (MGPP) and Product Line Strategizing and Roadmapping (PLSR) are different. But they’re also closely related. To understand, […]


Jobs-to-be-Done – What Pioneers Get Wrong

“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.” — Wyatt Earp The market for getting the JTBD job done is like the Wild West. There are gunslingers and sheriffs, pioneers and hustlers. This isn’t about good guys and bad guys. Everyone want’s what’s best for JTBD and for themselves. But I use the Wild West metaphor […]