Fighting Evil Complexity Costs

Smart Product Line Strategies & Roadmaps by Paul O’Connor, NPDP Accounting can be as thrilling as getting teeth pulled. Cost accounting, however, is a skill product developers must get their arms around. This is the black art of calculating how much products cost to develop, make and sell.  I call it a black art not […]

Communicating Product Line Strategies

The Missing Framework and Language by Paul O’Connor Product Managers and product line contributors do not know how to talk to one another about Product Line Strategies. This can be costly. Adept Group research suggests people who contribute to a product line often do not understand and embrace its strategy. These findings fall in line […]

WHITEPAPER: Powerful Product Lines Strategies

A Framework for Deconstructing and Improving Product Lines Strategies by Paul O’Connor   Business strategy is interesting. To many managers, business strategy seems monolithic. In reality, it wraps around many functional strategies. Supply chain management has a strategy. Sales has a strategy. Manufacturing has a strategy. Plus, companies can stress strategies for areas like brand management, […]

Overcoming Portfolio Inertia and Portfolio Entropy Whitepaper

The forces of portfolio inertia and portfolio entropy have significant influence misdirecting new product development efforts.  By recognizing these forces, managers gain understanding of cause and effect of circumstances, and more importantly, gain clarity to recourse and actions.  Access this whitepaper to learn how to tackle the challenges. Learn more and download paper Related posts: WHITEPAPER: Overcoming […]

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Integrating New Product Development Processes

As companies experience maturity in some areas of their new product development (NPD) processes, for example Stage-Gate® or portfolio management, they often begin to recognize gaps in other areas of process maturity. If the implementation of your full architecture of NPD processes is not well planned and committed to holistically, managers will likely face challenges […]

Strategizing, Roadmapping and Executing the Product Line

This whitepaper provides an in-depth exploration of product line strategy and roadmapping. The reader will understand the value of product line strategies, their relationship to product line roadmaps, and techniques for successful planning, execution and communication. Learn more and download paper Related posts: WHITEPAPER: Strategizing, Roadmapping and Executing the Product Line Product Line Strategizing and […]