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Innovation and Chain-link Strategies

Big companies have a special challenge when innovating. It’s that each function in the company affects the outcomes. It’s not just product development or marketing that decide the results. Other functions also matter. Yet the pressure to succeed falls to project and product management. Functions as Links in a Chain There is nothing new in the […]



Different functional links in an organization’s business strategy, e.g., production, sales, marketing, product, intellectual property, etc.


Fighting Evil Complexity Costs

Smart Product Line Strategies & Roadmaps Accounting can be as thrilling as getting teeth pulled. Cost accounting, however, is a skill product developers must get their arms around. This is the black art of calculating how much products cost to develop, make and sell. I call it a black art not because of the easily […]


We’re Not Bouncing Back

Mid-size and Large Companies Must Quickly Pivot Product Lines and Build Responsive Roadmaps. V, U, and L are shapes that represent paths the US economy may take in our recovery from the current Covid pandemic. There’s no question about the direction of the left side of each letter. It’s been straight down and we’re waiting […]


Product Line Strategy-Essence and Innovation 4.0

This blog supports the blog: Innovation 4.0 and Product Line Pivots The core of a product line strategy has three critical parts. When coupled and as a whole, these parts are called the Strategy-Essence. Attribute-Positioning Platform-Leverage Chain-Link (Organizational) Alignment and Synergy Each part adds to a product line strategy’s effectiveness. But great strategies also gain […]


Roadmapping the Roadmap

Where is Roadmapping Taking Us? Roadmapping has been on quite a journey. Many managers use the term to describe planning and tracking projects. But they use different schemes to create roadmaps. And the results vary widely. There’s much to learn from roadmapping’s evolution. This is especially true for innovation management and product development in big […]



A major change in a product line strategy or Strategy-Essence (Attribute Positioning + Platform-lever + Chain-link Alignment).  A Pivot always impacts how functional chain-links interface to carry out work.



To separate an activity such as developing a potential component of a product line or a full line from the core business and its functional and cross-functional chain-links. The notion is to protect or insulate the activity from the standard behaviors and procedures of the organization.


Strategy Pivot

A major change to the product line and its strategy that changes the Strategy-Essence. It also changes how the functional chain-links interface or work with one another. Ideally, the pivot should be proactive and done in anticipation of (or as an early response to) changing conditions. If it is done reactively or made too long […]