Driving Product and Product Line Performance

Rethinking Product Strategy

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Don't limit your potential by applying Single-Product Strategy thinking to Product Lines. The big deal is that product lines have two unique advantages over a single-product. They gain from leverage, and they gain from cross-market synergy. Strategies must...

Successful Yet Misdirected Innovation

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A positive innovation culture without strategic footing can cause much damage. Even when resulting innovations appear successful, the randomness of results will negate opportunities for synergy across products. Competitors who
Multi-Product Mindset

Single Versus Multi-Product Thinking

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The way we think about developing and managing products is fundamental to how our companies operate. Our mindset and thought processes form the rules and set the assumptions we follow.
Agile Buy-in

Agile Buy-in Problems

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Agilists blame backlashes against the methodology on top management’s unwillingness or inability to change. It’s leadership’s fault, not Agile’s. They didn’t embrace Lean-Agile Leadership. Really?
Multi-Product Thinking

On-Demand Webinar: The Impact of Multi-Product Thinking

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Learn why multi-product thinking is so important. See why the difference between single and multi-product thinking is crucial to the performance and productivity of innovation, product development, and product management.
Chain-link Strategy

Chain-Links and Product Line Strategy

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In big companies, each function influences the outcome of every innovation. It's not just product development or marketing or sales that determine the results. Other functions also matter.

Platform-Levers and Product Line Strategy

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Major strategy moves and pivots by deploying new Platform-levers are happening in every industry. Company after company in automobiles, medical equipment, consumer goods, services, and software are all moving forward with new Platform-levers. Should you
Verb-based Segmentation

JTBD-Verb-based Segments and Product Line Strategy

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Complementing Noun-based segmentation with Verb-based Segmentation enables teams to craft smart strategies and roadmaps for entire product lines. Verb-based segmentation is an enormously important and valuable approach that gets lost in the single-product JTBD enthusiasm that's taken hold in nearly every company.
Responsive Roadmapping Paul O'Connore

Responsive Product Line Roadmapping

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Responsive Roadmapping: Guiding Change and Product Line Pivots Responding to Market, Technology, and Economic Disruptions. Large businesses must work efficiently and carry out change effectively. The problem for management teams is that the practices they've installed...

NPD Portfolio Management and the Tilting Effect

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Unless a company has infinite resources, moving resources to the "back-end" undercuts the front-end. The resource shift then causes future problems in development, demanding more back-end work. This quagmire is a systems dilemma known as the tilting effect. And while a leading systems thinker...
Cumulative FrontierADEPT GROUP 2021

Portfolio Analysis Versus Governance

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Delivering an analyst’s view into a governance meeting is a surefire way to annoy some lots of people. You’ll find project leaders and team members at the front of the line. And the governance team will be right behind them.
Portfolio Flow

Flow-Products in Development

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Portfolio visualization at it’s best: Created by smart data analytics pulled off by MS Power BI; then coupling the data to our tried-and-true tool PortViewTM.
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