Driving Product and Product Line Performance

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Portfolio Analysis Versus Governance

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Delivering an analyst’s view into a governance meeting is a surefire way to annoy some lots of people. You’ll find project leaders and team members at the front of the line. And the governance team will be right behind them.
Portfolio Flow

Flow-Products in Development

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Portfolio visualization at it’s best: Created by smart data analytics pulled off by MS Power BI; then coupling the data to our tried-and-true tool PortViewTM.
Single-Product Mindset

Trapped in The Single-Product Mindset

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A wave of change pushing product technologies and customer behaviors. And it’s forcing companies to re-tool how they create and develop new offerings. The problem is that many companies are trapped in a single product mindset, making meaningful change nearly impossible.
Product Line Entropy

Growth and Entropy

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Growth-induced entropy has two characteristics that managers should understand. First, it can work against your goals. Because it's chaotic, it's not likely to push in the direction you want. And second, when left alone, entropy always grows. You need to spot and tame entropy if you wish to avoid bad outcomes.
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformations and Product Lines

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Companies need to focus their digital transformations on improving their product lines’ performance. And they need to do that by focusing on each product line’s velocity. This is a big deal. Pleas take a moment to learn why!
Product Line Innovation

Think Strategy to Innovate Your Product Line

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The big innovation game is about entire product lines, not creatively crafting a single new product. And a good product line strategy is not just a sum of single-product strategies. There's much more to it, so much more.
Strategy and Systems Thinking

Product Line Strategy and Systems Thinking

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A systems view shows us how product lines are comprised of many parts. The forces between the parts drive the product line system. Product line management’s job is to create and alter the system parts and forces to push the line forward.
Corporate Innovation Flow

Video – Product Line Velocity vs. Time-to-Market

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This video blog explores the big difference between Product Line Velocity and Time-to-Market And why it matters. Learn more about why Product Lines as Systems and Product Line Velocity are so important.
Product Line Flow video

Video – Product Line Flow

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This short video delivers a quick primer on Product Line Flow and Maximizing Product Line Velocity. Click to Start If this video was of interest, please consider reading our Blog entitled Product Line Flow and Maximizing Its Velocity. To…

The Dubious “Best Practice” Moniker

How the Halo Effect Demands Cautionary Advice about Innovation Best Practices Careful. Innovation professionals should tone down their zeal for Best Practice studies. These studies suggest you should copy best practices. If you do, your…


RIP: Screening and Time-to-Market For decades, the mantra of product development has been "Right-Products-Right." It's a call to find the best projects and then carry out their development superbly. But this simple phrase leaves most managers…